…the nature of mind, the nature of the environment in which we find ourselves, and the relationship between them. The central theme of these works is not to capture some kind of abstract reality, life, as it ‘is’, but instead to explore the processes of creation and the creative process in and of itself. Kluenter is captivated by the verb ‘to

transpire’, to cause something to happen, to go beyond, to cross something, to inspire. The purpose of his work is to demonstrate or to cause some kind of tension, since this, in his mind, will cause something to transpire. Kluenter is interested by the idea that beyond memory, there is something more, something non-material but

nevertheless, very real. It is this ‘beyond-ness’ of things that his work is trying to expose. As something happens, or transpires, it passes into our memory, where this process of creation keeps developing. Nothing is finite and nothing has an end; one event is transformed and so leads on to something else.

ilse schache, “rolf a. kluenter - recent works”, 2009


Ke Luo Fu Project

will be available from October 2009 onwards.